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What is Crows End?

Crows End is a web based roleplaying game with an emphasis on player interaction. It will be a hybrid MUD/MUSH using the Evennia and AresMUSH engines.

What is a MUD or a MUSH?

Multi-User Dungoens (MUD) are text-based multiplayer games that evolved from the days of dial-up bulliten boards systems (BBS). Many MMORPGs have evolved from MUD roots, and Runescape in particular first began as a MUD.

A MUSH is a MUD that focuses more on roleplaying and player content, while MUDs tend to focus on PVE content.

Is Crows End a MUD or a MUSH?

Both. A web based MUSH for players to play-by-post will be the initial focus of Crows End. A MUD called Crows End Adventures will be developed in parallel for real time interaction and PVE. Both systems will have hooks into discord.


Crows End will also have a Discord server which will provide players an OOC area to collaborate story ideas and form groups.

What is the setting of Crows End?

Set 20 years into the future, something strange is happening in the Pacific Northwest town of Crows End. No one knows whether its due to an experiment by the ever watchful by secretive federal government, toxic chemicals leaking into the drinking water, the machinations of eldrich cultists, or the result of something awakening in the neighboring Olympic forest. However, some people are finding that they have special powers and are more surprised to discover that they’re not alone. But while they explore what these new powers are and what it means to have them, they are not the only thing that has changed in the city. Something evil is growing in the dark alleys and shadows. It will be up to these newly gifted people to contain it, if they’re able to maintain their humanity.

How can I follow gave dev updates?

Updates can be found on https://blog.crowsend.com/